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about puretrips

Hello! I’m Elaine and thank you for stopping by PureTrips!

I am a California Bay Area native who now lives in San Diego, CA working as a remote marketing project manager by day, and a travel explorer in my spare time! As a former events manager, I have been fortunate to travel for work to get a taste of the food and lifestyle around the United States until the pandemic hit the world by storm.


By March 2020, I was let go from my job along with 349 other employees. Since then, I've luckily been able to pivot my experience and use my free time to work on myself and share my travel experiences with the world. 

I created PureTrips for adventurers who have an appetite for travel, hiking, and enjoying connected experiences. I’ve always been passionate about creating positive experiences that spark joy and promote mental health. Life is too short to not see the world. 

I still have so much to see. Stop by my bucket list and let me know if you have been there!


Join me on the adventure!



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