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What to expect at Glen Ivy Hot Springs evening experience

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

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Club Mud entrance at Glen Ivy Hot Springs at night surrounded by leafy vines and tropical trees.
Entrance into the iconic Club Mud at Glen Ivy.

Self-care and your well-being should be one of your top priorities. There is no shortage of people finding an escape to travel, socialize, and indulge in wellness activities after the pandemic. That’s why I was so excited to try the Glen Ivy Hot Springs evening spa experience that recently kicked off in June. It’s rare to find myself unwinding at a spa with my busy schedule, but this was exactly what my husband and I needed to celebrate our 1-year anniversary (we have yet to do our honeymoon), so enjoying a glamorous escape with 19 pools, thermal mineral baths, and grotto experience was an absolute treat. If you want to feel pampered and relaxed, keep reading to get ideas on a day or evening experience at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California.

When you arrive

Glen Ivy is situated in the Temescal Valley near Corona, California. The GPS will have you make a final turn onto a short unpaved dirt road until you see signs for Glen Ivy Hot Springs where it truly turns into an oasis. They do bag checks before entering, so don’t try to bring anything that doesn’t belong at a spa – this is a detox environment! After bag check, we checked in and that’s when they gave us two bracelets: one for the evening experience and one for dinner. When you walk in, you are instantly greeted with an oasis of sulfur-enriched mineral baths and gardens.

Girl in green one piece bathing suit standing on a walkway surrounded by a tropical trees and green leafy plants
Walkway to the thermal mineral pools

The Gleny Ivy Evening Spa Experience

The Evenings at Glen Ivy is available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through mid-October from 4 - 9 p.m. with a rotating calendar of live music and activities.

We loved the idea of enjoying a spa retreat in the evening because it can get extremely hot during the day in Temescal Valley. If you are considering the evening spa experience, I highly suggest arriving at 4 p.m., which is the earliest you can arrive to maximize your time because it can feel like it's going by quickly. We instantly went straight to the mineral baths to be submerged in 104-degree sulfur-enriched water.

The Grotto experience:

Glen Ivy has additional spa treatment options available during the evenings too. They are a shorter service compared to if you were to come during the day, but it is great for those who want to try out the services. We reserved time in The Grotto experience where they paint your entire body with a warm moisturizing masque that penetrates the skin and opens your pores as you relax in a heated, secret cave. This can also be enjoyed with a small group of friends, but please keep in mind to keep voices to a whisper to respect others enjoying the quiet time in this intimate setting. Before you leave the grotto, there is a beautiful nook before the exit to cool down, drink some tea, and be present in your surroundings.

Girl in a swimsuit relaxing in The Grotto secret cave at Glen Ivy.
Cooling down in the secret cave after finishing The Grotto experience.

Club Mud:

Glen Ivy recommends trying Club Mud before The Grotto experience, but we did not want to miss our Grotto reservations, so we did the reverse. It was so fun to slather our bodies with red mud clay to get that soft baby skin our thirsty body craves. This is the experience where having darker swimsuit matters because the mud can stain it.

Floating to live music:

We spent the remainder of the time floating in the pool with live music in the background or unwinding in mineral pools around the property. Each evening weekend has different live entertainment ranging from island music, reggae, silent disco, or Latin fusion.

Glen Ivy’s dinner package:

Different menu offerings are served in three areas of the property during the day. Since we went closer to the evening, we opted to try the dinner options where you have the option to buy a la carte or get the dinner package that comes with a choice of flatbread, dessert, and a beverage. We ordered the chimichurri skirt steak, BBQ chicken flatbread, lemon meringue tartlet, and a raspberry mousse for dessert.

Other spa experiences and amenities

Whether you decide to go during the day or the evening, Glen Ivy has additional spa treatments and wellness activities ranging from nail services, to massages, and facials. Cabanas are also available to reserve.

thermal mineral pool at Glen Ivy

Glen Ivy admission prices*

  • Evening admission only: $55 per person - gets you access to the pools, club mud, and complimentary amenities.**

  • Evening admission with dinner package: $85 per person**

  • Evening spa treatments: range from $80 - $105

  • General day admission only: $85 per person

    • Gets you access to the pools and complimentary amenities. Additional spa treatments at additional cost.

*Prices may change after this article is posted. Please check the official Glen Ivy website for updated pricing.

**Evening experiences are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until mid-October.

Reserving a Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa experience

Reservations are required to go to Glen Ivy and can quickly get booked several weeks in advance. Although your preferred dates might look unavailable online, I suggest checking back periodically because people are allowed to cancel up to 24 hours before their arrival. I was most successful in calling customer service to secure an ideal date that works for my husband and me. It might be overwhelming to try calling because you'll be put in a queue of over 100+ callers when calling customer service, but you also get the option for customer service to call you back which is what I opted to do.

Overnight accommodations

There are no overnight accommodations at Glen Ivy, but here are nearby accommodations to consider:

Parking at Glen Ivy

Free parking is available onsite. We did not have any issues finding parking in the afternoon.

Tips to know before going to Glen Ivy Hot Springs:

  • Bring everything you need into Glen Ivy because there is a no re-entry policy.

  • A valid government-issued ID is required to enter.

  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed on the premises, but water is fine. They also offer complimentary water all over the property.

  • Bring sunscreen as this is an outdoor open space.

  • Complimentary lockers and showers are provided.

  • Come prepared like you were going to the beach or spa. Complimentary towels are available.

Comment below if you have additional questions about the experience!

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Aug 29, 2023

The prices you have listed in your review do not correspond with the current pricing as of 8/2023. Thank you for the hotel information for close by accommodations !


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