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One day itinerary at Zion National Park

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Zion National Park is one of the most visited parks in the country. Even with Covid-19 restrictions, the park still got over 3 million visitors. I recommend going for at least two days, but if you’re tight on schedule then here is a one-day itinerary and how to prepare for Zion National Park.

Early morning

Angel’s Landing

Start your morning by hiking Angel’s Landing, the most popular and thrilling hike at Zion National Park. It is a moderate 5-mile hike that is not for the faint-hearted because it can be dangerous if you're not careful. It starts off easy and then hits you with inclining switchbacks with amazing views. Towards the last mile, the path begins to narrow and the only thing to support your path are the jagged rocks and a suspended chain. You’ll soon find yourself walking on the ledge of the mountain so be careful of where you step. Once you reach the top, take a break and enjoy the rewarding view. Come as early as you can because it is a heavily trafficked hike with one way to the top and the same way back. Length: 5 miles

  • Difficulty rating: moderate

  • Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

  • Shuttle stop: #6 The Grotto

Pro Tip: Get in moderate shape for this hike and get sturdy hiking shoes. Only shuttles and tour guides are allowed to drive on the scenic route to Angel’s Landing so plan accordingly.



Lower Emerald Pool Trail

Emerald’s Pool Trail is an easy family stroll conveniently next to Angel’s Landing, so I recommend doing this after you finish Angel’s Landing. Emerald’s Pool branches off into three different trails: lower, middle, and upper. Lower Emerald Pool has scenic views with the ability to walk behind a waterfall. The water and pool are roped and gated to protect the landscape from the heavy traffic of visitors that walks the trail, so swimming is not permitted.

  • Length: 1.4 miles

  • Difficulty rating: easy

  • Season: year-round; Spring and Fall recommended

  • Shuttle stop: #5 Zion Lodge or #6 The Grotto

Pro tip: Emerald Pool Trail is next to Angel’s Landing, so no need to hop on the shuttle. Middle Emerald Pool Trail connects to the lower trail, so you’re able to do both.



Relax and enjoy lunch at The Zion Lodge

Grab lunch at The Zion Lodge and relax on the shaded lawn outside the food and souvenir shop. The Zion Lodge is a prime shuttle stop for visitors to order hot food and buy souvenirs.

  • Season: Year-round

  • Shuttle stop: #5 Zion Lodge

Final tip: Pack it in, and pack it out. It is everyone’s duty to bring out what you bring in.

Do you have more time? Take a look at the 2-day itinerary for visiting Zion National Park.

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